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With three decades of experience in the pest control industry, owner Kyle Miller and his technicians at Millers Pest Control have the knowledge and ability to find a solution for any of your Vermont pest control problems. Don't give up, contact us today!

Please note, we do not offer wildlife trapping for skunks, raccoons, hedge hogs, weasels etc. We do, however, provide exclusion services for squirrels and bats.

Rodent Season

Rodent Season

They're Back!  Gnawing, scratching, and rodent droppings keeping you up at night? This time of the year is when rodents take advantage of the heat loss from your home and move in. Get control before they get out of control.

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Vermont Residential Pest Control
Residential Services

Let’s face it, no one wants to spend money on pest control. The average home owner has many things to deal with on a regular basis and pest control is not high on the list. Once the home owner sees a pest problem, we educate them about what to look for and what the necessary treatment. We do not force homeowners into service contracts and offera variety of options such as: one-time services, quarterly services, and seasonal service schedules. We will recommend the appropriate service depending on the pest pressures that surround your house.

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Vermont Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Services

We work with many different types of commercial buildings that rely on Property Managers, Condo Association Managers/Presidents, and Facility Managers to implement pest control programs as needed. We help guide your pest control requirements for your AIB and SQF standards of processing and have the documentation you need for required regulations. We assess the site, recommend a strategy for successful pest results. We will do inspections for property owners to satisfy state agencies and document all pest issues required.

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